he Tulsa Violin Shop serves the community as a complete resource for information and services for stringed instruments. The Shop is equipped to provide professional appraisals; we can print it while you wait, mail it to you or fax it directly to your insurance company. We can also recommend an insurer for your instrument if it is not presently covered. Students in search of a new teacher will find recommendations as well.

Here at the Tulsa Violin Shop, only the highest standards and quality materials are used on all repairs and each set-up. Services range from minor adjustments to complete restorations. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of comfort, playability and tonal resonance for you and your instrument.

Lou Lynch, as a cellist, performs set-ups on professional and student cellos sent to the shop. His expertise as a player and technician yield excellent results in soundpost placement and bridge fitment. 

Phil Wachowski formerly served as personel director and violist with the Tulsa Philharmonic.  His insights as a player help him in his work as our bow technician.