ulsa Violin stocks instruments made in all parts of the world including Germany, England, China, Eastern Europe, France, Italy, and the United States. New instrument outfits include instrument, bow case and rosin – the instruments are set-up with quality German or French bridges, strings (Helicore or Dominant), Wittner tailpieces (built-in fine tuners), ebony pegs, ebony fingerboards and chinrests. Also available as a lower-priced option are pre-owned outfits of the same maker and model as new. Tulsa Violin Shop specializes in proper set-up of all our instruments and because we understand the value of proper adjustment as it applies to tone quality and ease of playing, we continue to offer that service at no extra charge after the sale of the instrument. Before purchase, customers are encouraged to take instruments out on approval for seven days (credit card number or post-dated check necessary). We feel very strongly that a teacher or other independent expert should evaluate a given instrument with regards to a prospective buyer to check for proper physical fit and good matching of character between the instrument and player.

In regards to modern entry-level instruments, especially those that we sell: within the last several years, the Chinese have revolutionized the string instrument market. Although there are many instruments with startlingly poor quality materials and workmanship flooding the marketplace (internet sales make up a large percentage of those) from China, Korea, Sri Lanka and Eastern Europe, some makers in those locales do produce instruments of good quality. We have found several suppliers for Chinese instruments that are made of exceptionally fine wood and by excellent craftsmen. Our new entry-level instruments fit into this category.

Although we do not have a rental program, we instead offer a wide selection of high quality instruments for every level of player at prices that reflect the least expensive side of market value. Our customers first take instruments home with a Loan Agreement; this is an evaluatory period of ten days during which the player finds whether the instrument properly fulfills his or her expectations. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to confer with their string teacher before finalizing the purchase. Upon approval, the instrument is most often purchased with our “three payment” plan. The untaxed total is divided into three equal payments, then the total tax is added to the first payment. Each payment is due one month after the preceeding payment. If within the first six weeks of ownership, the player decides against the purchase, we will buy the instrument back minus a $25 restocking fee. When purchasing another instrument,  you may trade in your old instrument bought from us for 65% of its purchase price.