Lou Lynch, as a cellist, performs set-ups on professional and student cellos sent to the shop. His expertise as a player and technician yield excellent results in soundpost placement and bridge fitment. Lou spent many years as a professional cellist, performing with the orchestras of Milwaukee, Kansas City, and most recently Tulsa.

                Lou with Bernard Millant - Paris, France

Phil Wachowski began work at Tulsa Violin in early 2003.  Formerly of North Carolina and more recently, Kansas City, he performed as a violist and served as personel manager for the Tulsa Philharmonic.  Phil has studied with Bob Ames, Lynn Hanning and Amos Hargrave.  Phil spends most of  his Shop time repairing and setting up instruments.

Phil recambers a bow

Doug Fletcher joined Tulsa Violin in April of 2002, helping out with computer concerns, bookkeeping, shipping and sales. He grew up in Chardon, Ohio and pursued a music performance degree at the Cleveland Institute of Music, then a graduate degree in performance at the University of Akron. In addition to TVS, Doug has worked as a brass repair technician at a Tulsa music store and as a freelance trombonist.