Accessory and Violin Pickup Prices:

Item Price
Barcus Barry "Soul Mate"
Intellitouch Tuner $56.20
QwikTime Metronome w/A440 & earphone jack $18.50
“Credit Card” Metronome, model MT40 $24.00
Sorinuri Metronome Model M-1, with tone producer $48.00
Wittner Model MT60 Metronome w/ Tone Generator $38.00
Meisel Intelli Metronome/Tuner $34.00
Korg Model CA1 Chromatic Tuner $16.00
David Gage Acoustic Transducer for Violin $196.00
David Gage Realist Acoustic Transducer for Viola $196.00
David Gage Realist Acoustic Transducer for Cello $196.00
David Gage Realist Piezo-electric Pickup for Bass $196.00
Fishman BP-100 Cello Pickup $159.00
Fishman C-100 Cello Pickup $108.50
L.R. Baggs Gigpro   $92.80
L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I. $167.50
L.R. Baggs Ultra Bass Transducer $179.00
L.R. Baggs Violin Pickup with Carpenter Jack $145.00
Fishman V-100 Violin Pickup $104.50
Fishman V-200 Professional Violin Pickup $144.00